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Quinnipiac University With Chris Kendall

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By now our 2012 players have settled in to their new routines on college campuses everywhere, which is why Titanium Media thought it was a good time to catch up with and give the Titanium Family a look at what being a freshman lacrosse player in the NCAA is like.

This week we visited with Chris Kendall, a former Dublin Jerome standout defense-man who is settling in as a pre-med student at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. Quinnipiac is a private school located in the heart of New England, about 90 minutes from NYC and two hours from Boston. Chris is only one of the 7,900 students who has decided to make Quinnipiac his new home but being a first-year division-one student athlete is proving to have a schedule that is anything but ordinary.

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CLICK HERE to see Chris Kendall on the Quinnipiac Lacrosse Website.

A typical day for Kendall consists of waking up around 6:45 AM to eat breakfast before heading over to practice. The face-off units start practice at 8:00 and the rest of the team joins in around 8:30.

After morning practice he showers and grabs an early lunch before his afternoon classes. Following class he will typically try to fit in another meal and (rarely) a quick nap before his next classes from 5-6:00 PM. Chris then attends three hours of study tables, required by the Quinnipiac athletic department, from 6-9 PM. After a long day of practice, class, labs and study tables, Chris spends the rest of his night doing homework assignments so he can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Kendall lives in a quad dorm room with three other guys, none of which are lacrosse players. In his limited free time he likes to watch TV and play x-box.

When asked the challenges of transitioning from high school to college he said, “Definitely time management. I’m studying pre-med so the labs take up a lot of my time. Balancing school work with lacrosse is definitely a new challenge but it really isn’t that bad. My overall schedule is busier but not at all overwhelming.”

We then asked how Titanium Lacrosse helped prepare him for the transition to the NCAA and Chris said, “The field knowledge I got from my Titanium coaches was really in-line with college coaches. Coming in my lacrosse IQ was where it needed to be so compared to some other new players I was ahead of the game. Practices are a lot more up-tempo than high school so it helped me get a jump start on some new concepts.”

Quinnipiac Lacrosse has not yet released their spring game schedule online (as of 10/10) but we wish Chris and the rest of his team the best of luck this year, we’ll be watching!

Quinnipiac Lacrosse Website

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